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Anadigm®, is the inventor, pioneer and world’s leading supplier of Dynamically Programmable Analog Signal Processors (dpASP). The company was formed in 2000 with the support of Motorola and leading Venture Capitalists as a fabless semiconductor company.

Anadigm® brings platform-based design to the analog world with pre-qualified software and hardware components that allow complex analog circuits to be implemented in real time programmable Analog Signal Processors. Designed to implement signal conditioning, filtering, data acquisition, closed-loop control, audio and other analog functions in a wide range of embedded systems, Anadigm® dynamically programmable Analog Signal Processors (dpASP’s) are leading programmable analog ICs that can adapt on the fly to perform multiple functions, and adjust to different environmental conditions.

Today, 1000’s of customers have downloaded Anadigm’s award winning software and are using Anadigm dpASP’s and FPAA’s. FPAA are reprogrammable versions of our devices without realtime — dynamic capability.

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