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In 1946, Donald Gumpertz’s entrepreneurial spirit established Industrial Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEE). The purpose of the business was to design and manufacture automatic control systems and machinery utilizing telephone type switchgear and vacuum tube electronics as logic control elements. IEE was an early pioneer in this field now called automation. Extensive engineering development, manufacturing, installation and research were conducted to provide automatic scaling and control equipment, automatic conveyor control and electrical controls.

In 1956, a miniature rear projection display using a unique lens system and miniature incandescent light bulbs was manufactured to provide a value-added service to one of IEE’s control customers. There was such a demand for the product, IEE made the decision to move forward — not in the control business, but in the display business.

Today, IEE provides innovative human-systems-interface (HSI) solutions for the most demanding environments and uses. IEE’s display products are utilized in applications ranging from the factory floor to the retail store…and from the battlefield to the operating room. Across a wide spectrum of commercial, industrial and military/aerospace applications, IEE continuously provides industry leading technical and manufacturing excellence in standard products and custom solutions.

Outstanding Manufacturing

Manufacturing is performed at our 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Van Nuys, California, where we use the most advanced techniques in display technology enhancement, customized solutions and systems integration. IEE specializes in medium to large production runs…we also rapidly produce short-run and prototype builds to support your requirements.

Commitment to Quality

IEE’s commitment to quality is supported through program training, process management and control and quality audits. Our goal is for every task to be properly completed from start to finish with a Zero Defects target. Our certifications and standards include:

  • ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company
  • Workmanship Standards: IPC-A-610 and ANSI/J-STD-001
  • Total Quality Environment, SPC, Continuous Improvement
  • Certifications: NRTL, UL, FCC, uTUVus, CSA and CE

Innovative Engineering

The IEE engineering group has the unique and diverse ability to create products for applications ranging from the retail store counter to the battlefield. Our display products are used worldwide in virtually every environment and application imaginable. IEE’s technical capabilities include:

  • Systems Review for Appropriate Display Selection
  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design (Solid Works)
  • Schematic and PCB Computer Layout
  • Software Development
  • Document Control
  • Project Management

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